If I Have a Felony Warrant, Will a Casino Tell Law Enforcement?

If you are arrested for a felony, will a casino let the police know about it? Those questions are a big concern for many gamblers. A recent survey found that 30 percent of people do not want their casino to check their credit cards or sex offender history. The Indiana governor has declined to respond to the industry’s concerns. However, he did note that the casinos may be required to inform law enforcement if they discover they have a warrant for sex.

You can try to avoid this situation by calling a lawyer before you speak to security. If you are unsure, call a lawyer and tell them you have a felony warrant. You can always discuss the matter later. Always be cautious when making statements. It could have a negative impact on your case. The Mohegan Sun Casino should be aware of your legal rights.

Another way a casino may notify law enforcement is if you make a mistake and write a bad check. In some cases, the casino will not inform law enforcement because the check is not clear to the bank. However, if you make the mistake of writing a bad check and the casino does not receive it, Nevada law presumes that you intended to defraud the casino.

If you have a felony warrant, does a casino have to notify it? It can if you are caught in the casino, and the casino has no obligation to inform you of it. The casino is a private property of the Mohegan Sun reservation. If you are stopped by security, you may not be allowed to enter the casino. The casino has the right to search you, but you must be polite and respectful. Your lawyer can address constitutional issues and legality of the search.

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