IVI BET – Important Things to Know

If you’re considering opening an account at an IVI Sportsbook, you’ve probably already considered the casino. This online casino offers the same betting features as an IVI Sportsbook, but it lacks promotions and traditional sportsbooks. It does, however, offer a wide variety of betting markets and eSports wagering, and its odds are below the industry average. That said, it offers plenty of positives and a host of drawbacks, making it an excellent choice for casual eSports enthusiasts looking for an online bookmaker.

IVI Sportsbook is a modern bookmaker

The IVI Sportsbook is one of the latest players in the online sports betting market. Its sports betting division offers a variety of betting markets, a focus on eSports, and odds that are slightly below the industry average. In addition, you can play casino games on the same account, so you don’t have to separate accounts for sports betting and casino games.

The sports betting section offers over 100 betting markets, including live and in-play wagering. The website has many exciting live events covered, including double chance, Asian handicap, and total goals. The IVI Sportsbook also offers betting on a variety of other sports, including darts, rugby union, and badminton. The live betting section allows you to see your gains and losses and keep track of them over time.

It offers live betting on eSports

If you love gaming, eSports are the perfect opportunity for you to put your money where your mouth is. Unlike traditional sports, you can bet live on eSports events, which has many advantages for both the players and the bettors. In addition to being extremely exciting and fun, eSports are also lucrative, as some top players can make more than $1 million a year. This new category of betting will likely be gaining popularity soon, and IVI BET has already launched live action on several eSports events.

Just like in sports betting, eSports betting is legal where you live. Teams have point spreads, or odds, based on how many games they have won. While legality varies by country, many people are now willing to bet on the eSports games. However, you must be sure to check your local laws before you place your bet. Then, place your bet.

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Customer support

If you’re wondering if IVI BET offers live chat, you’ve come to the right place. IVI BET has a live chat icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and by clicking it, you’ll be able to connect to a live customer support representative. If you’d prefer to chat with a representative on a live phone line, there’s also a FAQ page with answers to commonly asked questions.

The customer support team at IVI BET can answer many common questions. For example, they have a section for questions related to promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and deposits and withdrawals. You can contact customer support by email or live chat, and they will respond within a few minutes. You won’t be able to contact them by phone, however, so you should be prepared to wait for your withdrawal. During this time, you may also need to submit a photo of your government ID or passport to verify your identity.

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