The First Slot Machines and Their History

All fans of gambling and even ordinary people know what slot machines and online slots are. But few people know how the first slots appeared and what their history is. If you are looking for good slots, then be sure to bed at bob casino.

Well, we are starting to review the first slot machines. 

The World’s First Slot Machine

The term slot itself literally translates as “slot accepting coins”, so it was originally called not only slot machines, but also trading ones.

The world saw the first slot machine in 1880. It was a machine designed for playing poker, with 50 cards and 5 reels, produced by the American company Sittman and Pitt. The history of slots in the usual sense of the term began in 1887 when car mechanic Charles Fay invented the “one-armed bandit” – the machine with three reels and one lever, which is why the name appeared.

Further Stages of Slots Evolution

The world’s first five–reel the slot machine was invented by the same Charles Fay – it was the Liberty Bell slot, created in 1898.

At the beginning of the XX century, fruit-themed slot machines appeared, which became classic slots for many years. By that time, many US states had passed laws restricting the gaming industry, so the first winnings instead of real money were fruit chewing gum.

Electromechanical slots, which appeared in 1964, became a milestone in the history of slot machines. The first such machine is Money Honey with a fundamentally new design. The springs were replaced with electronics, sound effects, and a coin accumulator, and the ability to place bets appeared. A revolution in the industry is called the appearance of a video slot in 1975. Video slot machines were invented by the American Walt Fraley, the first such machine was again poker.

Modern Online Slot Machines

Who invented modern online slot machines? The pioneer of this direction was the British company Microgaming, which released 1994 the first slot that allows you to play over the Internet. In the same year, a Free Trade Agreement was signed in the Caribbean region, on the basis of which companies from all over the world were able to open online casinos.

Modern automata are radically different from the first models. There are no levers in them, there may be a different number of reels or lines, and a huge variety of themes, images, and bonus functions are used. The basis for determining winning combinations is randomness since slot machines work based on a random number generator. It is programmed in such a way that no one, not even the manufacturer, can predict the outcome of each rotation. The work of all types of slot machines is based on this principle, including:

  • Mechanical (wheeled) – the oldest installed in offline establishments.
  • Video slots are essentially computers that simulate the operation of mechanical machines.
  • Video poker is a card game that is played on the screen of a slot machine.
  • Multi-terminal machines can be played by several users at the same time.

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