What to Do After Crying After SMILE Surgery

After SMILE surgery, it is important to avoid activities that might get in the eyes. This includes watching TV and working with a computer. In addition, anti-inflammatory eye drops and artificial tears should be applied to the eyes frequently. If necessary, painkillers can be taken. Once the eye is healed, the patient can resume normal activities. During this time, he or she must avoid the use of eye make-up, direct water contact and rubbing the eyes Rarbgweb.

Patients should avoid driving for one day after the procedure, and they should stay home for follow-up appointments. They should also have a family member or friend drive them to the first appointment. After the first follow-up visit, patients should be able to drive again. The next three days after the procedure are best for the recovery process Muctau.

After your lasik procedure, you may experience some discomfort. The numbing drops will wear off after 30 minutes, and you will probably feel a slight amount of pressure. You might also notice that both eyes feel slightly hazy. You should avoid rubbing your eyes or glare after the procedure. Your vision may be blurry, and the whites of your eyes may look bloodshot. These effects should fade within a few days Newshunttimes.

If you notice any discomfort or redness after LASIK surgery, call your surgeon. It is extremely rare, but it is a possibility. The sensation of pressure in the eye is often due to a small amount of sub-conjunctival hemorrhage caused by the suction ring. This is generally harmless and will resolve within a few weeks if left untreated. The ring usually looks like a bright red bruise against the white part of the eye. In addition, you might experience blurred vision for a couple of days after surgery

Patients should wear comfortable clothes. A sweatshirt or sweater will be helpful as the LASIK suite can get quite cold. You should also avoid wearing any makeup, perfume or jewelry to the surgery

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