Why Are Koreans So Cute?

One reason for the adoration of cute things among Koreans is the Japan’s influence on the country. Despite the fact that Japanese anime and manga are not known for their stories, Koreans are fascinated with their cuteness. Even Japanese children have a penchant for Pokemon, a cartoon that is famous for its cuteness overload. But it’s not just Japanese anime that is popular in Korea. Koreans have also been infected by Japanese cartoons.

For example, the Korean language uses many words and phrases to express affection. For instance, they call each other by name, such as “Jiya-Jaegeum,” “Oppa-Oppa,” or “Yoona-Jung.”

One reason why Koreans are cute is the way they talk. While some might find their conversation adorable, others find it hard to understand. That’s probably because many Koreans have had cosmetic surgery to correct facial features and increase their eye lashes. They even have fish-like finishes, as seen in ID Hospital’s ad, which shows the extent of plastic surgery. Koreans are known to be adorably cute, but that doesn’t make them sexy.

Another reason is that Koreans are taught to be beautiful from a very young age. Consequently, many children start making derogatory comments about other people’s appearance at an early age. They also put themselves down constantly because they don’t think they look good enough. And, this mentality carries over into their daily lives. They may feel like they’re unattractive even if they’re surrounded by attractive people.

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