Why Is Marijuana Such a Big Deal in South Korea?

The law banning the use of drugs in South Korea has been successful. There are very few drug-related crimes and very few drug addicts in the country. Despite this, South Koreans are still prohibited from using drugs – even marijuana. It is also illegal for South Koreans to smoke marijuana in foreign countries. Even if they do, they can face a five-year prison sentence. South Korea is an extremely conservative country, and this law aims to make it a more progressive country.

The South Korean government has a history of a negative relationship with marijuana. The Park Chung-Hee regime’s 1976 Marijuana Control Act outlawed possession of marijuana and hemp, although it allowed for the cultivation of hemp under strict regulation. The government, influenced by American bases and war on drugs rhetoric, put an end to the hippie culture that grew in the country in the 1970s.

While marijuana was legalized in Canada last week, the law in South Korea was not nearly so welcome. Though cannabis became legal in Canada, South Koreans will probably not be doing the same. In fact, the authorities have repeatedly reminded citizens that marijuana is illegal under South Korean law. The law is ventsmagazine still quite strict, but it’s a getliker huge step forward for the medical field in South Korea. To get approved for medical use, patients must first pass a rigorous screening. Applicants must submit medical records and certify that they have exhausted other options.

In South Korea, drug use is illegal, and a positive test can lead to a prison term of up to five years. A person can also lose his or her job if the result of the test is positive. Police use urine and hair as the primary means of drug testing, but they’re also scrutinizing eyebrows and leg hair. It’s no surprise that drug users try to hide their crimes by shaving their legs and eyebrows.

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